Currently, PSK STROYSILA, LTD is conducting research & development activities on the topic: "Designing mansard roofs (add-ons): the potential of typical house-building". The work is aimed at exploring the possibility of arrangement of attic floors or full-floor superstructures over residential panel houses of the typical series in the 50-90s of the twentieth century.

The possibility of application of this work will be determined during the next three years.

The aim of this work is to develop guidelines for conducting a technical investigation of the structural elements of typical high-rise apartment buildings, in order to determine the maximum permissible additional loads and adopt standard design solution concerning construction of additional superstructure on top of the building.

At present, the investigation of the typical design projects of the most common series and various modifications of residential high-rise buildings is underway. As well as the analysis of the space-planning solutions of buildings, the standard solutions for structures reinforcement, concrete class and grade, panels seams and joints types. Also, check-up analyses of load-bearing structures conditions as to the time-related wear-out are being carried out.

In order to determine the strength of the structures mathematical modelling methods are used (employing software systems) in accordance with our database of technical reports for typical high-rise residential buildings investigation for each series and modification under consideration. Furtherly, using mathematical methods, various types of additional superstructures will be modelled, which implies increasing load on the building as a whole.

To confirm the theoretical conclusions physical modelling will be conducted on the structures by methods of proof loading and stress testing.

Using the database of the Moscow residential inspection we plan to analyse the replanning made in each of the series under investigation, for a detailed structures calculation when designing a mansard roof.

Additionally approvals of the city authorized bodies will be received.

According to the results of work, the guidelines will be issued containing structured information about opportunities and types of mansard floors provided by each type and modification of a residential apartment building.

Homeowners will have a chance to improve the comfort and quality of their homes without causing damage to the overall bearing capability and safety of the building.

Construction of mansard floors is appropriate for inclusion in the municipal programs for major repairs and reconstruction of multicompartment buildings, landscaping of yard areas and construction of car parkings.

The technology developed for construction of superstructures will allow to build them without employing tower cranes and resettlement of the residents.

It will allow for a holistic solution of the issues as far as increasing of the load on utilities, making the mansard floors accessible, fire safety, required area landscaping, required number of parking spaces are concerned. The construction of a mansard roof (superstructure) will not only transform the building, but will also become a permanent source of income for the homeowners.

The team of PSK STROYSILA, LTD is hopeful to complete this work thanks to the following factors:

- Over the years, we examined over 150 multi-storey apartment buildings.

- The Company has an electronic database of projects on multistorey buidings of typical series.

- The Company's staff has experience in development and adaptation of building major repairs and reconstruction projects.

- The Company has software systems for creating spatial mathematical models and calculations of the structure behavior whith changing loads.

- The Company has specialized equipment to determine the distribution of stresses and strains when testing structures.

- The Company has experience in the physical modeling of structures and stress-testing these structures.

- The Company has experience of cooperation with leading Moscow research institutes.