Our company offers the full range of design works on reconstruction of buildings and facilities. Development of a reconstruction project begins with the identification of potential of the building to be reconstructed. According to the results of technical inspection of the building structures, foundation soil and foundations examination, the decision on the reconstruction type: reconstruction with a superstructure, arrangement of a mansard roof, additional building, etc.

PSKM STROYSILA, LTD offers a full range of works on reconstruction of buildings and facilities.

As a rule, there are two options to increase the usable area of the building: construction of additional floors and extension of additional volume.

This is beneficial, but only if when installing the superstructure all construction works will be carried out in full compliance with the project documentation and compliance with the technological sequence of installation: installation of structural framing, vapor barrier, insulation, roof ventilation and many other operations.

Construction of the superstructure or a mansard roof in the attic floor room has a number of advantages:

the useful area is increased;

cost per square meter is by 30 - 50% lower compared to capital projects;

comfort of living and work is improved;

heat loss of the building as a whole is reduced;

well-equipped attic floor improves the appearance of the building;

beautiful unusual attic floor gives a unique style both to a city building or a cottage.

When conducting the reconstruction we will provide:

Investigation of the building;

Development of project documentation (turnkey design);

Approval of the project in the relevant governmental bodies and receiving a construction permit;

Construction and installation works;

Documentation preparation for project commissioning;

Implementation of a warranty.

Thus, the reconstruction of the building provides a unique opportunity to acquire additional high-quality, comfortable, modern residential or industrial areas at affordable prices.