PSK STROYSILA, LTD performs complex technical investigation of buildings and facilities (including industrial buildings). In the course of the investigation the object is inspected visually and instrumentally. As a result of the investigation a technical report on the structures and (if required) utilities condition is issued. Purposes of the technical investigation can be different.

In 2003, the Company established a department engaged in complex investigation of buildings and facilities of different purposes, including investigation of industrial buildings (industrial areas).

Investigation of structures and utilities of buildings and facilities is necessary to determine:

the possibility of reconstruction (reconstruction with an additional superstructure, an annex, replanning, overhaul);

building wear degree and its suitability for further use;

causes of loss of bearing, heat and waterproof abilities;

causes of deformations, subsidence and other defects.

Depending on the purpose of the investigation, load-bearing and insulating superstructures, internal networks, foundations and foundation soils are subject to inspection. In addition to visual and instrumental inspection of the object in the course of the investigation soil samples and material samples are collected, tube cut-outs are made and laboratory studies are conducted.

The main methods used in the investigation are non-destructive testing methods. According to the results of control measurements the company's experts prepare a technical report on the condition of the structures examined. If required, a set of recommendations and guidances can be developed to address the identified defects and negative time-related trends. In particular, options for strengthening, replacement of structures, additional drainage and thermal insulation systems are developed.

Performing complex engineering investigation of buildings, PSK STROYSILA, LTD also conducts:

Engineering and geological survey;

Topographical survey;

Engineering and environmental survey for construction;

Activities carried out in the course of engineering and technical investigation:

Visual inspection of structures;

Field and laboratory testing of construction materials (using non-destructive testing equipment);

Reinforced concrete structures rebar testing (probing);

Instrumental examination of the building;

Exploratory opening of the structures to determine permanent loads;

Control calculations of building structures for static loads using software systems;

Control thermal calculation of walling for insulating abilities;

In-depth thermovision inspection allows to discover heat leakages;

Confirmation photos of existing defects and deformations;

Technical report on structures (and utilities) condition includes:

Description of the existing building, space planning and design solutions;

Results of detailed technical investigation of building structures;

Photographs of the building and the defects discovered during the technical inspection;

Results of laboratory tests of construction materials;

Results of determining the temperature and humidity regime of operation;

Parameters of gas-liquid medium and operation of construction structures;

Control static and thermal calculations of load-bearing and insulating structures;

Graphic section with a set of drawings including measurements;

A summary assessment of the investigation results;

Recommendations for further safe operation of the building (facilities), for reinforcement or replacement of load-bearing and insulating elements of the building (facilities), if required.

As agreed upon with the customer, procedure and composition of documentation submission can be changed.