Ingineering & design of buildings and facilities.

Complex engineering and design department delivers projects of industrial and civil buildings and facilities as follows: public, administrative and commercial buildings, cafees and restaurants, department stores, theatres, shopping malls, supermarkets, healthcare buildings (hospitals, clinics and sanatoria), hotels, skating rinks, educational buildings (schools and kindergartens), archives, public libraries and residential buildings as well as comprehensive engineering and design of residential areas, settlements and low-rise housing projects.

Engineering and design of industrial buildings and facilities– workshops and storage facilities, plants, hangars, garages, parking lots and multi-level car parkings.

Our company can act as a General Contractor-Agent at the behest of our client.

At “PSK STROYSILA” we base our activities on the three cornerstones:

*listening to our customers’ needs and requests

*using the most advanced construction methods and technologies

*accumulating experience over the years in business

We use the most advanced software to develop the optimal architectural, mechanical and structural solutions, to engineer footings and foundations, steel and ferro concrete structures, façade and roof constructions etc. All the computer aided designs and calculations are checked by our specialists regarding their compliance with codes and regulations.

While focusing on comprehensive solutions we are happy to offer our Customers a wide range of individual and fully customizable services concerning any aspect of a project.

We are ready to deliver a set of drawings and documentation at the stages of Concept Design (CD) and Design Development (DD). The content of each set is as per requirement by the Government of the Russian Federation regulation №87 of 06.02.2008 - “On the list of project documentation parts and the requirements as to its content”.

*Explanatory note

*Site planning (masterplanning, transport planning and landscape architecture)

*Architectural design (architectural solutions, planning sketches, pre-project investigations)

*Structural engineering

*HVAC, electrical and automated systems engineering

*FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) project. Construction planning & scheduling project

*Building demolition&deconstruction project

*Environmental safety design

*Fire and safety design

*Access for disabled people

*Quantity survey

*Other documentation as required by federal laws and regulations.

During the phase of Design Development the previously developed designs and engineering solutions are further detailed. The content of the set of drawings we provide at this stage is sufficient to obtain all the necessary approvals from the State Expertise and complete the building.

While developing a project at the Concept Design stage, our structural and mechanical enginers, architects and project managers work in close contact with each other to ensure optimal decisions are made to be further developed and amended at the stage of Design Development. Our Customers are free to keep the project under control throughout all its phases. It is also worth mentioning that we have conducted a study dedicated to juxtaposing the European Union codes and regulations and those of the Russian Federation and in several cases have developed our projects in compliance with the EU codes and regulations. Should the need arise, our English-speaking specialists will provide a necessary accompaniment of the project documentation and building site inspection services. This is how we deliver quality solutions for the most complex and demanding projects in the shortest time frames.

To sum up the above, we guarantee that any Customer applying for our services will find at PSK Stroysila understanding of his needs and fulfillment of his ideas.

To make the search simpler we break down the list of our services according to the following criteria:

The field of solution:

*Comprehensive solutions

*Architectural solutions

* FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) solutions

*Mechanical engineering solutions

*Structural engineering solutions

Types of buildings and facilities:

* Public buildings and facilities;

*Residential housing (low-, middle- and high-rise);

*Public buildings and facilities (administrative buildings, hotels, public libraries, archives, theatres etc);

*Shopping& retail centers (shopping malls, markets etc);

*Food service buildings;

*Health care buildings (hospitals, clinics, sanatoria, resorts etc);

*Child care&education buildings (kindergartens and schools);

*Industrial buildings and facilities (workshops and storage facilities);

*Urban infrastructure (residential areas, settlements, garages and parking lots, child’s grounds, skating rinks etc);

*New build projects;

*Projects of reconstruction and refurbishment (capital repair) of existing buildings and facilities;

Mechanical engineering solutions:

*Interior HVAC, electrical and automated systems engineering ;

*Exterior heating and electrical supply networks engineering;

Individual structures and constructions solutions:

Engineering lofts, footings and foundations, mid-floors, ferro concrete structures, steel frameworks etc