New Year's quest "FORCE"


It's only recently that the New Year arrived accompanied by our company New Year's party. The party was held on December 26 and took a very special place in the calendar of 2014. New Year's celebrations were held in the residential complex "Village Komarovka" located in 37 km from Moscow, in the Dmitrov district (http://komarovka.rf/).

It was a wonderful pretext to sum up the results of the year that passed, and to do it in an unusual way, and yet another opportunity to draw together the team. As the Company's success is directly reliant on the ability of each employee to work in a team, the event was organized as a traditional team quest featuring a search for the treasure and a friendly feast at the end.

During the quest the participants had an opportunity to shoot a bow, to start the fire in a genuine firewood-heated Tula samovar, to ride a snowmobile, to learn how to drive a 4-wheeler, to prepare a pizza in Pompeian oven. Among the games played were also Russian pyramid, skittles, darts and table tennis. The sportiest participants took part in a street team relay, which required of those taking part a combination of qualities such as agility, stamina and a good memory.

The intellectual component consisted of unraveling puzzles, searching for clues in the neighborhood of the residential complex, in the village, fields and snowy winter forest, and deciphering codes to move on to the next task.

Thus, none of the participants stayed on the sidelines and everyone was able to show one's strong sides, presenting oneself in a good light, discovering one's hidden talents even, and made it clear how important they are to the team. All the tasks and competitions of the New Year's quest brought the participants a lot of fun and left them with the best of impressions.

The teams ranking 1st, 2nd and 3rd received valuable prizes. The huge roast goose went to the team that took the last place.

The New Year's quest in residential Complex "Komarovka" turned out to be a great idea, and even more so the way it was implemented!








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