The Ministry of Construction Introduces 3D-Design Technologies in Construction.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Russia started to employ 3D CAD design and engineering software tools in the field of industrial and civil construction.

The plan for gradual adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the field of industrial and civil construction was approved by the Order of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common to create a CAD model of a building or a facility comprising the sum of information about the building in the course of the design and engineering process.

BIM technology-based computer-aided design system makes it possible to render a 3D-format visualization of all the elements and systems of the building, to produce their planning&design alternatives, as well as bring them into compliance with the applicable regulations and standards.

By March 2015 the Government of the Russian Federation Expert Council is expected to complete the selection process of pilot projects, and by November of this year their examination by the experts is to take place.

The press service of the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Russia noted that the introduction of BIM technologies would improve the competitiveness of the Russian building complex in the world market, improve the quality of research, design and construction, as well as reduce the cost of works.