Opening the New Field of Activities for DOMIGRAD Company

In November 2014 PSK STROYSILA, LTD launched a new business enterprise - development of standard projects for a major repair of apartments in typical multistorey residential buildings. The brand name of the enterprise is "DOMIGRAD".

It is common knowledge that the territory of Moscow within its "old" borders has the area of more than 108.1 thousand ha, of which the inhabited areas account for 23% (24.863 thousand ha). Most residential buildings in Moscow are panel, block and brick buildings of typical design. Typical house-building became a frequent practice since the 1970s, when the Unified catalog of building components was adopted, which was the base for further development of typical projects. According to Moscow housing inspection (Moszhilinspekziya) as of June 2014, the total number of typical series buildings in Moscow is 34.294. The most widespread in Moscow are houses of II-18 series (2,561 buildings), I-515 series (2,246 buildings), P-44 series (1,912 buildings) and II-49 series (1,457 buildings).

Marketing survey conducted by our company among 1,800 residents of typical series buildings located in the North-East of Moscow indicated that about 42% of residents living in typical series buildings, would like to make repairs in their apartments or a part thereof in the nearest future. At the same time, for most of the respondents (54%) it is quite difficult to make calculation of the required amount of building and home decoration materials, and they would want to buy a project for repair of the apartment with a detailed specification sheet.

Based on the study, the management of PSK STROYSILA, LTD decided to develop an on-line service for selling repair projects for typical apartments.

On-line service for selling repair projects for typical apartments "DOMIGRAD" is focused on active Internet users of both sexes, aged 22 to 55. This service will offer an opportunity for customers to create their own project based on a typical repair project using the database of construction, decorative materials and engineering equipment available for purchase in building materials hypermarkets.

The project for apartment repair includes a comprehensive, meticulously detailed specification sheet containing the information of the construction and decorative materials, including consumables, as well as engineering equipment used within the project, which enables the customer to purchase them on-line.

Not being either a manufacturer, supplier or seller of building materials, PSK STROYSILA, LTD aims primarily at making the projects developed by "DOMIGRAD" affordable for a wide range of people.