Concrete Floor in People's Lives

The article is dedicated to use of concrete flooring in public areas and raises the issue of a virtual absence of such a flooring from rural and urban areas in our country, namely: from its sidewalks, footpaths and cycle paths, its parks and squares.

The high level of housing and communal services in the developed countries can be accounted for not only by many years of hard work of municipal bodies, but also by the high degree of rational and systematic thinking of local managers. Yet each of us can contribute to the creation of the environment around us, one just needs to plant a tree in front of one's house, repair the fence in one's village, make a concrete walkway etc, thus putting the public area in good order.

The photos below show a few examples of the use of concrete pavement in the USA (Washington, Chicago, Buffalo), and such examples can be seen throughout all the cities of the United States. Concrete pavement is made on-site, which provides advantages as far as logistics of the building materials and the compaction of the sub-base layer under the mixture are concerned. The freshly cast concrete, after it has been leveled by a screed, is dense and even in its structure, which offers an important benefit of good frost resistance and provides for unimpeded moving around for all wheeled mechanisms. The durability of the flooring is yet another advantage as it accounts for a long service life and financial savings.